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20 November 2019

SO...!  It's day 24 since I became officially self employed.  Best decision EVER!  Huge thanks to my family and friends for their support, recommendations and loyalty.  My clientele is literally growing by the day,  I am thrilled and so thankful.  You're all amazing!

Right, that's enough of my emotional gushing, what do you lovely lot want to see and read about here in my blog?  I'm thinking along the lines of hair care tips..... product reviews and recommendations... promotions... I don't know... help me out, People!  Drop me a message with your suggestions using the 'Message Me' button below.  Looking forward to hearing from you! Love you, Bye x

Show your hair some love this winter.​

6 December 2019

Blasts of dry air are not good for any hair type. So how can ypu protect your hair during these winter months? Moisture, moisture, moisture!!

Refrain from shampooing your hair too often. Washing your hair strips it of its natural and protective oils. Once or twice a week is sufficient.

Naturally curly, wavy and coiled hair is extra sensitive to cold weather and can be prone to brittle texture, breakage and split ends. Keep your hair moisturised with a leave-in conditioner to treat between shampoos.

My absolute favourite leave-in treatment is Incredible Milk, 12 effects from Milkshake (£16.85 Amazon). I use it to control frizz, detangle hair, protect against heat, add body & volume to my client's hair, smooth split ends and...... it smells divine!!

If you're one of my regular clients you've already had experience with this product and agree with me about the smell! Give it a try, but I caution... use it sparingly!  Too much will leave you looking lank and greasy (not a great Christmas party look!).  Spritz the hair lightly and evenly or even spray a little into your hands first and work through your hair from mid lengths to ends.  This stuff is amazing.  You're welcome!!

Lisa xxx

It's Chrissssssstmaaaaassss!!

24 December 2019

I just want to post a few words in order to thank my fantastic clients for their love and support this past 8 weeks since I became self-employed.  It's been a very busy couple of months and for that I am so thankful to each and every client who booked my services, made enquiries or checked out the website. You make my job even more enjoyable.

I'm so excited to see what 2020 holds for us all!   Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!  Take care of each other and have a safe, peaceful and love-filled Christmastime. 

Love, as always

Lisa x

New year, new goals!

9 February 2020

Hey, how u doin'?   :)

I hope everyone is fully recovered from the Christmas and New Year celebrations! 

This new year has got off to a very busy and successful start for Snippit.  I'm so thrilled to be gaining new clients as well as building my regular clientele.  You're all bloody amazing!

This next few weeks are going to be just as busy.   I am investing in the business by attending courses to strengthen my skills and knowledge so I can continue to offer my clients the very best service and advice.  As hair stylists we are forever learning and adapting to move with fashion and the latest trends. 

I'm also really excited about the group I have set up on Facebook.  It's a group for women of all ages and backgrounds to share, chat and have a few laughs.  I speak to so many women who are, or have been through the most difficult and harrowing experiences and they are still smiling and inspiring others to keep pushing on through tough times.  I am personally dealing with demons that I have kept hidden for many many years.  I now feel strong enough to accept the truth about my experiences and know that I have the power to take back control over my own life.  With the right love and support we are capable of practically anything.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that the love and support is there.

You can find the group on Facebook.  It is connected to the Snippit page. It's called Between Us Girls Ystalyfera Pontardawe Neath Swansea.  I can't post a direct link because it's a private page.  If you can't find the page and would like me to send you an invite just drop me a message.

Soooo... I'm gonna shift myself and get dressed.  I really don't want to venture outdoors today.  It's so windy!  Keep safe everyone.....

Love you, Bye

Lisa x

Surviving in lockdown

21 March 2020

Just to be clear, I am still currently working and will continue to do so until told otherwise. I appreciate that some may be concerned about this but I am taking it one day at a time as I'm sure most everyone else is. I do suspect lockdown is imminent. Maybe as soon as Monday. We need to look after each other Ladies. Uncertain times are upon us!

I can't believe I'm doing this but here we go... I would say that I trust you all to keep calm and wait til all this blows over BUT I know you bitches!! You'll be grabbing the box dyes by this time next week if we go into lockdown!!

It is because of this I have decided to give you some pointers so we can limit the damage and retain some dignity hahahaha.

Here are some haircare tips, things you can do for your hair that everyday busy life doesn't give you the chance to do.

SO we know that over-washing fades your colour FAST. You can use dry shampoo or sprinkle some baby powder on your roots to freshen your hair and make it last for another day or so. When you do wash it, use good quality shampoo that's been specially designed to retain your colour. I like the Elvive colour range (pics below) which is one you can pick up from the supermarket (unless the panic-buyers have swiped it all).

Put the heated tools away for a while. These are your hairdryer, straighteners, heated rollers, etc. Repeated use of these tools fades your colour and causes extreme damage when over-used.

Apply a deep conditioning hair mask and leave it on.... overnight. This is somerthing you probably don't have time to do usually. If you put it on in the evening it means you have to wash your hair before work... that's time and effort, I know. Time is something you have plenty of atm!

Fancy some curls, coils or waves? Wear your hair in a high bun all day, sleep on it if it's comfortable enough then let your hair down. Volume and bounce right there!

DO NOT CUT YOUR FRINGE! My God, just clip it back or sweep it to the side. You know you'll hate yourself after you cut it and I will be laughing my ass off (only coz I've been there... so many times hahahaha).

Now for the serious shit.

Put the black box dye down!! Seriously. I cannot stress this enough. It's an absolute bitch to remove afterwards!!!

Only use semi-permanent colours. They are less damaging to your hair and easier to remove when things go tits up!

Always always choose a colour that is one level lighter than what you want. Box dyes tend to develop much darker than professional colours. Send me photos... I can help with this!

Blonde gone brassy? Apply a very light ash blonde... level 10 or above just to tone and brighten your colour again. You're welcome!

Can't cope with seeing your dark roots growing longer on lightened/blonde hair? DON'T just chuck a medium brown on!! Your hair WILL GO GREEN! You need something with a warm red tone in it... light copper brown.. mahogany... you follow? You need the red in it to avoid the green tone and then you'll end up with a rich glossy brown. Don't forget about the level.... the lower the number, the darker the colour.

Please remember, these guidelines are in case of emergencies only!! Hahaha

Don't hesitiate to message me for some advice, with inappropriate memes or funny stories! Let's help keep each other safe and sane through these strange days.

Stay safe and well Ladies, sending love and virtual hugs

Lisa xxxxx

Lockdown lifting!

19 June 2020

Good News!  There is a light at the end of this very long, dark, strange tunnel!

Government guidelines state that welsh hairdressers should be back at work in 3 weeks time.  In light of this announcement I have opened my book and am now taking appointments for Monday 13th July onwards.

This is my own personal choice and I do not judge other stylists/salons/clients if they choose to isolate for a while longer.  We are all different with unique situations.  Please bear this in mind and be understanding of each others needs at this time.  Covid-19 is still a very real threat and we should all remain vigilant.  With common sense and good hygiene habits I'm sure we can go about our everyday lives with dignity and grace.... and a whole lot less anxiety! 

With this in mind I have purchased extra gowns, towels, gloves and masks for use during hair services.  I have been stocking up on hand sanitizer to ensure I always have some on my person, for myself and my client's use. 

During lockdown I have been constantly training, keeping fresh and busy.  I am very excited to announce that Snippit now takes bookings for weddings!  Yikes!  As soon as I am able to I will be looking for models to practice on and showcase my upstyling skills.  I think a professional photo shoot is the way forward... what are your thoughts?  In the coming weeks I shall also be putting together pricing packages and creating a webpage specifically designated to weddings and bridal parties.  So excited!  🤵 👰❤️

Also in the works, I've set up my own Youtube channel.  OMFG 😬.  There is not enough content for posting yet so watch this space for future updates. 

Please remember you can always get in touch with feedback, content suggestions or just for a good chat!  Take care all.  Hope to see some of you really soon!

Lisa 😘😘

Hair By Lisa @The Firm.

03 September 2020

Hello Hello!

Firstly, sorry for the lack of content recently.  I have been super busy at work these past few weeks and have also been introduced to Coin Master!  😄  I'm not addicted... I swear!  🙄

As you may have noticed Snippit Mobile Hairdresser has changed it's name to Hair by Lisa.  The reason for this change is that I am no longer offering mobile hairdressing services.  I have been given an absolutely fabulous opportunity to work from a very well established and trusted salon in my local area.  The Firm in Ystalyfera is owned by Marcia Williams who is currently welcoming back regulars and new clients alike after lockdown to look after all your nail and beauty needs.    I have now joined Marcia in the salon to make your hair dreams come true!  ✨✨💇  Thank you Marcia, you have been a gem and I look forward to what the future holds for us at The Firm.

Massive appreciation to my loyal clients who now come into the salon.  You are just the best!  And a huge ❤️ Thank You ❤️  sent to every single new client who has come through the door and given me an opportunity to work with them and show what I can do.  My only regret is that we never got to have an Opening Day to celebrate! 

I've settled in to the salon after a few frantic weeks of fixing lockdown hair 😅 and everything is running very smoothly.  Cleanliness, client comfort and well-being are paramount as always...... you will feel safe in our well-sanitised hands.  😷

I am currently working with a new product range from Color Wow and will be stocking items for clients to purchase for home use.  The Color Wow Dream Coat is just A-mayzing and definitely my new favourite! 

SO! If you're still sporting your lockdown roots or just fancy coming in to see what we're all about, give us a call... make an appointment... come in for a chat and become a part of the family! 

Take care all and see you very soon.

Love to you,

Lisa 😘


Achieve a sleek and silky texture with the Color WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray; a silicone-free spray that simultaneously combats frizz, controls moisture levels and smooths each fibre. The humidity-proofing treatment protects hair for up to 72 hours, or for two to three shampoos.

Colour-processed hair is extremely prone to frizz due to chemicals making hair porous, however the Dream Coat formula utilises a heat-activated polymer that compresses, tightens and seals the fibre. Once heated using a hairdryer, the Supernatural Sealant envelops each strand in an undetectable, waterproofing veil, which repels moisture, whilst eliminating and preventing unwanted frizz to leave locks ultra-smooth.

Unlike typical treatments, the lightweight Dream Coat Supernatural Spray guarantees not to leave hair greasy or weighed down. Expect enviably smooth tresses that are free from frizz for days.


Happy New Year!

01 January 2021

Hello My Beauties!

Hope you've all had a nice cosy Christmas and wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year. 

As you know, we are currently on Lockdown again due to the virus.  Keeping everything crossed that we will be able to get back to work in the coming weeks.  I will be in touch with clients who had appointments cancelled as soon as I have a date for re-opening. I need to get back to work Girls!   I'm spending my days eating chocolate, wearing pjs and watching Orange Is The New Black.... with a few serial killer documentaries and podcasts in between 😄.  The Crimbo tree is still up.  Maybe I'll take that down this weekend.  Maybe. 

You can now visit

to take a look at some of the gorgeous products available to buy for home use between salon visits.  I am currently working on adding more features to the shop as well as updating the website so lots to do behind the scenes.  Please get in touch if there is anything I can help you with.  I do also plan to record some more videos... some product reviews, hair styling tutorials... suggestions welcome!

I can be contacted via the website Contact Me page, the Facebook page and my mobile number.  Marcie and myself will be at the salon intermittently for cleaning, stock taking, etc and will continue to take calls and pick up telephone messages whilst there.  Get in touch, let us know how you're doing.

Stay safe my friends and I hope to catch up with you all soon.

Much Love 😘

Lisa x